America’s Softest Selling 1800 thread count sheets! We offer sheets, pillow case sets and bamboo pillows all in one place while allowing your group to raise funds. 



·       Pre-order program 

·       Beautiful color brochure offering a variety of products with a wide variety of colors

·       Minimum order of only 12 items for free shipping

·       Amazing prices and amazing quality products

·       Manufacturer guaranteed against defects


·       Provide a fundraiser that works well anytime of the year 

·       With the variety offered there is something for everyone 

·       Competitive pricing to ensure excellent sales

·       Maximize your mattress sale by topping it off with our Clara Clark Sheets Sale



·       Order Taker Program

·       Complete and sign the Participation Agreement form and return via email or fax to Ultimate Fundraising USA.  Make sure to include the number of brochures required. 

·       Group should run their fundraiser for a period of 2 weeks

·       Fundraising Coordinator collects all orders and tallies them up using our tally sheet.  The coordinator then completes the master order form indicating the address where they would like the order delivered to on the top part of the form. This order is emailed or faxed to Ultimate Fundraising USA.

·      Payment accepted via E-Transfer, certified check, money order or a check issued by the school or program. 

·       Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery once payment has been received.


Group Profit

·       $10 per set of sheets sold

·       $8 for each bamboo pillow sold 

·       $2 for each set of pillow cases sold


We have elected to keep the prices low for your supporters and not overcharge to increase your profits. With this approach we are confident your supporters will purchase more reasonably priced items instead of just one or two thus making youmore profit.


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Clara Clark Sheets

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