How to Get Started

Thank you for choosing Ultimate Fundraising USA Inc. To get started please select the agreement form that best suits the fundraiser you have selected to run.  

Brochure Fundraiser Agreement - If you are running an order taker program please complete this form.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - Brochure Agreement Form

In-Hand Product Program Agreement - if you are ordering product to sell such as candy bars. pretzel rods. fortune cookies, meat products, etc. for a direct sell campaign please complete this form.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD - In-Hand Agreement Form

The profit listed on this form may be increased for your group depending on the volume of your order. Please refer to the program description to calculate the profit you will receive for the various volume levels or give us a call and we can clarify the profit levels and what your group can expect to make.

Please include a Tax Exemption Certificate with your agreement form that we can keep on file. If you do not have a Tax Exemption Certificate please let us know or indicate this on the agreement form in the space provided. 

Once you have completed the agreement form you can email it to and we will process your order or mail out your starter kit for any order taker campaigns.

Please contact us with any questions and we can assist you with the signup process. 

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you and your group.